Making the old, new again!

I have compiled a list of answers to all of the most frequently asked questions here! 

  • ​I keep an up to date album of all of my available unfinished inventory on my Facebook Page. I assure you it's all there and of you see the photo then yes, it is still available.
  • I spend a great deal of time searching for the perfect pieces to re-love. Because of this, I do not sell my items "as-is".
  • ​I do not "restore" items to their original stain (and I do not use chemicals to strip furniture). As you can see from my portfolio, I work with paints and glazes with some pieces getting new stain to the table tops only.
  • I do not build or repair furniture.
  • ​I don't have set rates or a price list as all furniture varies in size, shape and style, as does the finished look. This means that if you would like a quote on one of my items, or your own I need you to send me photos, measurements and an example of how you'd like the finished product to look. Without all of this information I will not be able to help you. I get many many requests for quotes and it becomes extremely time consuming when I am responding to requests that do not have this information.
  • ​All of my items are sealed with High Performance top coat, I do not wax items.
  • I apologize in advance but I cannot search for a specific item for an individual or contact anyone specifically when something comes in. I update my inventory on a regular basis and everything is posted to my Facebook page.
  • I do not have a showroom as my items tend to sell rather quickly, or in many cases are pre-sold prior to them being complete. Please refer to my photos here, on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram to view all of my work.